Best free Contentful alternative

GraphQL is a very good alternative to RESTful APIs for Content Management Development with decoupled architectures. With this strategy users can be independent of monolithic CMSes like WordPress or Drupal. Contentful has been a market leader in this space for some years now. Together with it makes for a large share of the rapidly growing market.

There have been few great alternatives to Contentful like services - solid products with a good user experience. But now there is a valid player. Following the Open Sourcing of Graphcool - a GraphQL BaaS solution - the GraphCMS company announced they are Open Sourcing their application.

With the release of GraphCMS an Open Source Contentful alternative, the Open Source headless CMS market is finally maturing. For over a decade Open Source CMSes have been the best option for developing web properties, but with proprietary CaaS services like Contenful have been risky to adopt - with the risk of vendor lock being real.

Looking into 2018 and beyond organisations can look forward to using both headless optimised monolithic CMS distributions like Reservoir from Acquia, but probably better options are purely specialized solutions better suited for CMS microservices, possibly running on serverless architectures.