Best front end frameworks for 2017

The front end framework scene is hard to keep up with. Some of the options that were super relevant just a few years ago. Going into 2017 there are a options that are above others:

  • Angular 2
  • Polymer / Web Components
  • React
  • Vue

Each of these has their own advantages and disadvantages, but all are a modern foundation for building web applications or CMS driven websites in 2017. Using latest ES6+ JavaScript syntax your front end architecture will remain maintainable and relevant.

Angular 2 is a great option for creating large web applications that run completely in the application. This is a technology from Google and they also offer a migration path from Angular 1.x applications to Angular 2. It's a complete framework that is capable 

Polymer is also a technology from Google, but it relies on the Web Standards implementation from the W3C. Polymer is a polyfill/shim that allows browsers to use the standard features even when they are not implemented yet. Polymer is a great way of adding interactive elements to your website.

React is a view library from Facebook. It has enjoyed immense success in 2016 and continues to be relevant. The biggest issue with React is that the ecosystem is fragmented and there is no standard definition of how a "React App" is built. A powerful tool for power user.

Vue.js is a simplistic view layer library. It has enjoyed a significant rise in popularity in late 2016, this rise has a lot to do with the lower entry. Vue.js is really easy to pick up and add functionalities to an existing website. You could consider it as a jQuery for the modern era.