Best LAMP (PHP) CMS for Java Developers

Java is a great technology, but can be a bit rigid for the fast moving web applications. PHP on the other hand has traditionally been thought of as an inferior technology.

In the past PHP used to create ad-hoc applications that could end up being pretty horrible spaghetti when years passed. Contemporary PHP, however, allows developers to create elegantly structured applications using frameworks such as Symfony and Zend.

Symfony is a great PHP framework for users coming into PHP from the Java world. Together with the structures provided by the PHP community, it can be used to create large applications that remain maintainable.

Symfony is heavily influenced by the Spring framework from Java. And as such many tools that utilise the framework feel immediately familiar to developers with a background in Spring.

This site lists a number of valid options for Java developers looking into moving into the PHP world within the Web Application Development or Web Content Management domains.