eZ Platform

eZ Platform is a CMS built on the Symfony Framework. It is powerful and a total rewrite of the eZ Publish system in development from 1999.

eZ Platform, the core of eZ Enterprise, is the leading PHP CMS based on the Symfony full-stack framework. Open source and enterprise grade, eZ Platform provides your developers with flexibility to build, extend and scale websites, apps and other digital products.

A complete rewrite of a content management system (eZ Publish), the open source eZ Platform product is the ground for the commercial subscription production eZ Studio. The tool is a very stong contender to Content as a Service platforms and a potential base for the perfect CMS for Data Journalism.

Being a new product eZ Platform carries certain risks. The vendor backed model and the heritage of being built on the Symfony Full Stack Framework gives the product stability. Developer learning curve is also minimal for developers used to the Symfony Framework.