Graph Database CMS (Neo4j, etc.)

Graph Databases are a powerful alternative to both traditional SQL and NoSQL databases. They open up new vistas into existing data masses with existing Content Management Systems.

Most PHP and Symfony CMSes rely on a MySQL or PostgreSQL database to store their proprietary SQL Schemas. There is currently no defacto solution for entering the Graph Database world with a LAMP CMS.

Since WordPress announced their JavaScript powered Calypso shell for their LAMP powered classic WordPress CMS, they have looked at MongoDB as a data storage too. Storing data in a schemaless NoSQL data storage is no silver bullet. A freeform mass of content can become somewhat hard to handle over time.

The most realistic and practical solution for working with enterprise level LAMP CMSes like Drupal or Typo3 is to keep the robust SQL based database and index the data to a complementary Graph Database like Neo4j or OrientDB.

In this case, eZ Platform already has most of the infrastructure in place for this. It has a rich semantic data model with a reference implementation of an integrated indexing solution (Solr and Elastic Search). Creating a plugin to index this database and the relations in a graph will enable interesting views when dealing with large amounts of content.